Tech Asia is happy to announce we will be hosting a Suex – Fast Lane Divers event


Tech Asia is happy to announce we will be hosting a Suex – Fast Lane Divers event August 21-23, 2015. Suex designs and manufactures some of the world’s finest underwater diver propulsion vehicles and this event is an opportunity for people to get hands-on experience with the most popular recreational and technical diving scooters in the Suex DPV line.

Casey McKinlay, Suex’s Director of Global Business Development, and Steve Cox will be on hand to give orientation courses, basic maintenance techniques, and tips for getting the most out of your scooter diving. Both Casey and Steve have been using Suex scooters for recreation and exploration for more than 6 years. Casey is the Project Director of the WKPP ( Woodville Karst Plains Project ) . Steve is a lead mixed gas diver with the WKPP, member of MCEP ( Mexico Cave Exploration Project ), and lead diver of the AKEP ( Asian Karst Exploration Project ) which is active here in the Philippines. Assisting with the event will also be our Philippine Suex Distributor Miko Zulueta.

The weekend will allow for fun dives so divers can try out the various models and there will be a competition held to determine the fastest team to navigate around an obstacle course. Friday and Saturday evenings are reserved for presentations focusing on cave exploration projects Casey, Steve, and Dave are involved in around the world.

There will be no charge for the scooter use during the event but all other dive related expenses will need to be covered by each diver. It expects to be a fun and educational weekend with some great diving to be had. Please put it on your calendar and send Dave an email or a message if you expect to be attending.

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