About Us

We love diving and serving the dive community. With a combined half a century of industry experience, our team has made this passion its business. Today, Bellevue Divers works with customers across the region.


An international team of experienced instructors, passionate about diving and and travel, got together to bring you new experiences. Today, Bellevue Divers will works with manufacturers and destinations across the globe to offer you the best.


Whether you are a novice or a professional, our mission is to provide you with the best training, the best diving experience, and the best equipment, always delivered in a timely and safe manner.


If you’re as passionate about underwater activities as we are, then we want you on our team. Find out about career opportunities in sales, maintenance and diver education.

Mission, Vision, Values

We love thrills, and growing this business from our founder’s garage into the company of tomorrow will be nothing short of exhilarating. We share our customers’ passion for the underwater world and sealife, the beach is our office and the scuba equipment our uniform!  Check out our gear, our expert team and our fantastic classes. We’re ready to make you shine.

Our Commitment

If at any time you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our primary concern

Store Management & Instructors

Demetrio D’Ambrosi – Founder

PADI RatingCourse Director, Founding Member at Bellevue Divers, Store Owner
Began diving1999
Favorite cold water dive spotHornby Island, British Columbia
Favorite piece of gearSF2 Rebreather
Favorite dive vacationRed Sea
Why I enjoy teachingIt’s gratifying to see new students progress from beginner through the advanced certificates!

Rick Gaskill – Course Director

PADI RatingCourse Director, Store Owner
Began diving1978
Favorite cold water dive spotAnywhere below 50 degrees!
Favorite piece of gearDUI drysuit
Favorite dive vacationGuam
Why I enjoy teachingGetting to see the look of accomplishment on a candidate’s face after a successful Instructor Exam!

Mike Brickman

PADI RatingMaster Scuba Diver Trainer
Began diving2009
Favorite cold water dive spotKeystone Jetty
Favorite piece of gearScubaForce SF2 Rebreather
Favorite dive vacationGreat Barrier Reef
Why I started divingI’ve always loved the water so diving was the next natural progression. I’m fascinated with the underwater worlds below ands the calming effect that diving has on me.
Why I enjoy teachingI could talk diving all day long. I love getting my friends into scuba and I love taking friends out to new locations.

John Haskin

PADI Rating
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Began diving
Favorite type of diving
Doesn’t matter as long as I’m diving.
Favorite dive spot
Nanaimo (local), Cozumel (so far…)
I began diving in the Puget Sound in 2006 and loved it. I’ve enjoyed swimming and being in the water my whole life so diving was taking that to the next level. As I dove more I wanted to improve my skills and share the sport with others so I embarked on a dive master program and eventually became an instructor in 2014. There really is no better escape than being underwater with friends having new adventures.

Michael Heyns

PADI Rating
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Began diving
Favorite cold water dive spotPorteau Cove, BC
Favorite piece of gear
Shearwater Petrel & Dusty’s Light
Favorite dive vacation
Utila, Honduras
Why I started diving
I started diving in Australia because that’s just the thing to do there. It wasn’t until I moved to Boston, where diving is truly miserable that I really started to love it. It’s challenging, alluring, exciting and offers an unmatched opportunity to enjoy the quiet splendor of the underwater world.
Why I enjoy teaching
Teaching for me began as an attempt to help students and friends around me better connect with the underwater world around them. It continues as a passion that allows me to dive whilst helping others become adventurers in their own right.

Monica Kelly

PADI LevelDive Master Candidate and Sales Associate
Certified since2008
Favorite Piece of GearAtomic T3 Regulator
Favorite LocalAlki Seacrest Cove 2
Favorite TravelBora Bora
Why I started diving: It all started when I went to space camp. The astronauts practice in the pool. The feeling was incredible and has followed me ever since then. I love the relaxing and soothing feelings that scuba diving brings me.

Kevin Nolet

PADI Rating
Open Water Scuba Instructor
Began diving
Favorite dive vacation
Hawaii and Philippines
Why I started diving
Diving quickly became a passion for me as soon as I got in the water and realized it isn’t as cold as I thought it would be. Now it is hard to keep me out of the water! When on a surface interval I will spend time with my dog or I volunteer with my local Fire Department. I am a Safety Specialist with a local shipyard to pay the bills.

Jim Piavis

PADI Rating
Open Water Scuba Instructor
Began diving
Favorite cold water dive spotKeystone Jetty, Whidby Island, WA
Favorite piece of gear
Shearwater Petrel 2
Favorite dive vacation
Republic of Palau
Why I started diving
Always wanted to dive after watching Cousteau on TV for years, then finally had the opportunity to learn to dive in college.
Why I enjoy teaching
After diving for many years in many places both in the US and international, it’s nice to see students pick up the diving bug and continue through the advanced ratings.

Amy Rhodes

PADI Rating
Master Instructor
Began Teaching2002
Favorite cold water dive spotDay Island Wall
Favorite piece of gear
Canon G16 Camera and Fantasea housing
Favorite dive vacation
Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Why I started diving
I had always been an avid snorkeler and interested in diving. However, a co-worker was a cold water diver and dared me to get certified in Puget Sound, so I did…and loved it.
Why I enjoy teachingI love getting people together and introducing them to something exciting. People who have challenges or think they can’t dive in cold water are the ones I enjoy working with the most because that was me, when I first learned. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than handing them their certification card!

Scott Waltari

PADI Rating
Master Instructor
Began Diving1993
Favorite cold water dive spotTacoma Narrows
Favorite piece of gear
SUEX Diver Propulsion Vehicle
Favorite dive vacation
Why I started diving
Anytime I’d get into water, I would find myself spending as much of my time on the bottom whether it was swimming pools, lakes, or rivers. When I was introduced to SCUBA, I was addicted. I’ve always loved high adrenaline activities and that carried into my diving. Drift diving, tech diving, and underwater hunting are some of favorite activities, but there is also a lot to be said for slowing coasting along a wall and enjoying the relaxation.
Why I enjoy teachingThere is something exciting about watching someone take their first breath underwater or when they realize that their buoyancy has clicked. I love introducing people to all aspects of the underwater world that I love.
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